Eight Advisory Avocats proposes a broad array of services in the field of corporate tax (direct as well as indirect) at French and international levels.

The firm is involved throughout the various stages of companies’ development (from creation to expansion whether by internal or external growth strategies, inbound or outbound), as well as in the management of their day-to-day tax affairs. It helps them to identify and understand tax constraints and opportunities in a constantly changing tax and regulatory environment.

The firm also assists investment funds in relation with their acquisition and development projects.

Consequently, the firm makes available to clients a bouquet of complementary services adapted to meet their needs, with an emphasis on the following areas:

  • Transaction services
  • Internal reorganization / restructuring (either in a transactional context or outside a transactional context)
  • International taxation
  • Underperforming companies
  • Relations with tax authorities
  • Tax diagnostics
  • Intellectual property
  • Anti-abuse mechanisms
  • Transfer pricing
  • One-time or regular tax assistance