We are dedicated to our profession

Working at Eight Advisory Avocats is an immersive experience within a team of people who appreciate working together and share a set of common values, featuring:

  • rigor / quest for excellence
  • team spirit
  • mutual respect
  • integrity
  • humanity

A clearly defined career path

At each level of experience, each associate develops, over the course of missions and thanks to continuous on-the-job training, technical expertise and the qualities necessary for both personal and professional growth.

During the first years at Eight Advisory Avocats, the new associate may be asked to participate in a varied set of missions and work with experienced lawyers. To guide the associate in his/her choices, the associate is advised by a mentor as from the date of his/her arrival.

Placed at the heart of transactions, restructurings and transformations that make the economic news

Our teams are involved in the transactions, restructurings and transformations of the most significant corporations and investment funds.

In joining us, you will take part in the transactions that make the economic and financial news.

Thriving as part of a close-knit team

As a newly created firm, Eight Advisory Avocats ascribes considerable importance to developing its talents. We place major emphasis on building team spirit and maintaining strong links between staff.

Promoting initiative to benefit the firm’s development

The spirit of initiative is highly prized. It can take on myriad forms depending on individual profiles and affinities. Technical, doctrinal or business development, recruitment, participation in forums, as well as the organization/participation in sportive, social, humanitarian causes/events.