Eight Advisory Tax assisted Superga Beauty in the acquisition of Cosmeurop from L’Oréal

21 April 2021

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The Eight Advisory Tax team carried out the tax due diligence, assisted with certain tax aspects of the BP model and reviewed the tax clauses of the SPA.

Superga Beauty, a subsidiary of the Superga Invest Group, which has been serving major luxury and beauty brands for more than 20 years, is carrying out a new external growth operation and is strengthening its activities in the industry of products dedicated to perfumery.

On April 1, 2021, Superga Beauty acquired Cosmeurop’s perfume production site in Strasbourg, thus concluding the discussions initiated several months ago with the L’Oréal group.

With the acquisition of the Cosmeurop site from L’Oréal, the Superga Beauty group is accelerating its development and pursuing its industrial investments in France. Already owner of five sites.

The Eight Advisory Avocats was composed of Guillaume Rembry and Christophe Hubert.