Eight Advisory performed the buy-side accounting, financial and tax due diligence for 3i in its acquisition of La Seine Musicale

1 April 2022

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3i European Operational Projects Fund, part of the 3i group, acquired an 80% stake in La Seine Musicale from Infravia European Fund II.

Inaugurated in April 2017, La Seine Musicale is a unique complex in France and in Europe built by the Hauts-de-Seine Department. It is now entrusted to private operators. La Seine Musicale is located on the Ile Seguin, it brings together in one place various spaces, concert spaces, exhibitions, walks, restaurants and shops related to art and culture.

3i EOPF, which is managed by 3i’s infrastructure team, is a €456 million fund that invests in operational projects across Europe, particularly in France, Benelux, Germany, Italy and Iberia. It targets a wide range of sub-sectors, mainly social infrastructure and transportation, but also telecommunications and utilities.

The Eight Advisory team in charge of the accounting and financial due diligence was composed of Lionnel Gérard, Erwann Huon De Kermadec and Nicolas Saroux.

The Eight Advisory Tax team in charge of the tax due diligence was composed of Guillaume Rembry, Baptiste Gachet, Jérémy Cosma and Bastien Martinez.