• Adapting our service offering and operating procedures depending on our clients’ expectations and profile
  • Providing practical responses and customized solutions to our clients with dedication and initiative, seeking to develop a unique and differentiated vision that takes into account a constantly changing economic, financial and fiscal environment
  • Nurturing a strong financial culture with the aim of better grasping our clients’ financial challenges and being in a position to make precise and quantified recommendations
  • Striving for excellence by ensuring that the response given, in both form and substance, is perfectly suited to our clients’ needs and timetable
  • Working in a way that matches the respect and trust granted by our clients
  • Shaping personalities via the strong involvement and mentoring of associates and encouraging autonomy and entrepreneurial spirit

The transmission of expertise and the personalized mentoring of our associates lie at the heart of Eight Advisory Avocats’ values. Our project relies on complementarity among team members, all of whom are key actors in our growth and in preserving our independence.