Eight Advisory assisted Cube Infrastructure Managers by performing the Buyside financial and tax due diligence in its acquisition of Dispam

16 June 2022

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Dispam, created in 1970, is a logistics service provider, specializing in just-in-time transport and cold storage of fresh food produces in Northern and Eastern France. The company has 7 strategically located storage sites and owns a fleet of 170 vehicles.

Cube has made over 30 investments in Europe, particularly in the telecom and digital sectors, energy, energy transition, transportation, EV infrastructure and municipal services. Dispam is Cube’s first investment in the temperature-controlled logistics market, demonstrating its attraction to the critical and high-value infrastructure sectors.

This operation will enable Dispam to support its geographical growth by creating new hubs to support existing customers and to acquire players settled in complementary geographical areas.

The Eight Advisory team in charge of the financial due diligence was composed of Sébastien Smercan and François Thoumie.

The Eight Advisory Tax team in charge of the tax due diligence was composed of Guillaume Rembry, Kévin Peau and Julia Pizzetta.