Eight Advisory assisted Cdiscount in the sale of its subsidiary CChezVous to Geopost

13 October 2022

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Cdiscount and GeoPost have strengthened their industrial collaboration with GeoPost’s acquisition of a stake in CChezVous, a subsidiary of C-Logistics.

CChezVous is a subsidiary of C-Logistics specialised in the delivery and collection of bulky goods in France.

Geopost/DPDgroup is a subsidiary of La Poste group, dedicated to the delivery of express parcels under 30kg. It is present in 49 countries and delivers the equivalent of 8.4 million parcels per day worldwide.

This transaction will enable C-Logistics to accelerate its international development and Geopost to benefit from CChezVous’ network and services.

The Eight Advisory teams in charge of the financial vendor due diligence were composed of:

  • Transaction Services: Christian Berling & Hamza Mernissi
  • Strategy & Operations: Nicolas Cohen-Solal & Pierre Desprairies

The Eight Advisory Tax team performed the vendor tax due diligence. The team was composed of Guillaume Rembry, Hubert Christophe, Jérémy Cosma, Maxence Linker.