Eight Advisory and Eight Advisory Avocats carried out the Carve-out and the financial and tax Vendor Due Diligence of Endel, Engie’s subsidiaries, in the context of the sale to Atrad Group

13 September 2021

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Endel, a French subsidiary of Engie Group, specializes in industrial maintenance and related services. Leader in its market, Endel has the largest network in industrial maintenance in France with 140 locations and 7,000 employees.

The Altrad Group specializes in the production and distribution of equipment for the construction and public works industries. Launched in 1985, the group has become a major player in the construction equipment market.

This acquisition will allow Altrad to further diversify its offer towards industrial services.

The Eight Advisory team in charge of the financial Vendor Due Diligence was composed of Pascal Raidron, Lionnel Gérard, Sébastien Smercan and Boris Chédin.

The Eight Advisory team in charge of the preparation of Proforma accounts was composed of Myriam Montillot and Emilien de la Flore.

The Eight Advisory team in charge of the Vendor Due Diligence Carve-out and the support to the carve-out was composed of Nicolas Cohen-Solal, Romain Caillet, Adrien le Blevec and Elise Rohart.

The Eight Advisory Avocats team was composed of Guillaume Rembry, Kevin Peau, Guillaume Exerjean and Tatiana Maroslavac.